The roof is an essential part of our home. Without a roof, we would be exposed to all of the natural elements, such as rain, wind, hail, snow, and sunlight. In addition to that, a roof protects our house from bugs and animals getting in and a variety of other factors that would result in a very uncomfortable experience. For this reason, a roof is simply indispensable for all the business owners and homeowners out there.

If you are located in Central Alberta or the surrounding areas, consider consulting the most experienced roofing professionals in the region: Roofed In Ltd. We have been working with roofing and exteriors for over 30 years, which has made us a leader in the market of roof repairs and installations.


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We all know how terrible it is when we have to deal with leaks or cracks in the roof. It can cause a series of problems, including the emergence of mold and other inconveniences like rotten wood. Furthermore, a leaky roof can cause very serious issues if not fixed on time. For this reason, it is important to fix the problem before it is too late.

In Central Alberta, home and business owners can always count on Roofed In Ltd. We are a reliable and trustworthy Blackfalds roofing company that provides the best service in roof repairs and replacements. With over 3 decades of expertise in this field allows us to perform an extremely reliable service for all clients. So, if you are having any problem with your roof, do not think twice before calling us for a solution.


Residential and Commercial Roofing in Central Alberta and Surrounding Areas


We believe that quality is the keyword that defines us as roofing professionals. Our long years of experience assures the client that they will be more than satisfied with the outcome of their exterior installations or repairs.

It does not matter if you need a simple and quick repair or a complete re-roofing service for your residential or commercial building. Roofed In Ltd. is ready to offer a top-notch workmanship to solve any problem as quick as possible. To make sure the customer will be served with a high-quality installation that will be delivered in time, we are aware of all current zoning and building codes.

We provide a large variety of options for our clientele, ranging from multiple options of shingle roofing to a vast array of metal roofing alternatives. We also work with Class 4 Hail Shingles, which are much more resistant to impact, providing a high level of protection for your building. Additionally, we offer multiple metal roofing profiles, such as Duraclad, Diamond, Prolok 12, Prolok 16, Weathershield 1, and Weathershield 2.

When it comes to the colors, we are happy to display an extensive list of options for all tastes and preferences. Our color palettes include Birchwood, Charcoal, Shakewood, Hickory, and many other choices for all types of buildings and roof designs.


Affordable Maintenance and Installation Services with Top-Notch Quality


A problem with the roof can certainly give us stress. However, they are quite easy to solve in the hands of a professional. When you notice a problem with the roof of your property, the best action to take is to call a professional immediately. That way, we can get to it quickly and avoid any major issues that can contribute to more extensive damage to your property.

Roofed In Ltd. is a reliable company in Central Alberta, having over 30 years of experience working with a variety of roof repairs and installations. Whether you are facing an issue with the roof of your residential or commercial property, we can right the problem in an efficient manner while respecting the deadline.

Our excellent craftsmanship is composed of a team of highly qualified professionals with exceptional skills, commitment, and expertise. If you need a soffit and fascia installation in Blackfalds Alberta or any nearby town, Roofed In Ltd. is the right choice for you.

We offer first-class maintenance services for your soffit and fascia, just to ensure your home will always look as beautiful and comfortable as possible.

Whether your project consists of a home renovation or a brand-new construction in Central Alberta or the surrounding area, you can count on us to get it done on time. Our team of experts is ready to work on your project and surprise you with an excellent outcome. Call Roofed In Ltd. to discuss your project and get a very competitive estimate today.