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Signs You Need New Shingles

Signs You Need New Shingles

It’s no secret that the roof is an integral part of any home, and the shingles on that roof are what help to keep moisture and drafts out and keep the wood and attic insulation underneath safe. Laying shingles is one of the more important aspects of roofing, and if you find yourself a licensed roofing company, your shingles will last for several years.

However, whether you have superior roofing or not, the shingles won’t last forever and sooner or later they must be replaced. Here are some telltale signs that you need new shingles.

Missing Shingles

Shingles that have fallen off or blown off in the wind or are just gone for whatever reason are a sign that you need new ones. It is possible to just replace the missing shingles in some cases, but if you’re dealing with an older roof you might be better off replacing the whole thing. Naturally, it’s always better to consult someone like Professional Roofing who is an expert in roofing or at least has a good amount of experience, before you start replacing things or tearing your roof apart.

Curled Shingles

Many times, the shingles on the side of the roof that gets direct afternoon sun exposure will start to curl up. Curling may also be cause by poor ventilation and once it begins, it will continue no matter what you do to try and stop it. Sooner or later, the pieces that have curled up will break off and the roof may end up leaking as a result.

Blistered Shingles

When shingles get to the blistered stage, there’s really nothing that can be done about it. If the shingles are cracked and bubbled looking, it’s important to stay off the roof and get those shingles replaced as soon as possible.

Several Layers

Even though it is rarely practiced anymore, there was a time when roofers would install shingles over top of other shingles. This practice will lower the life expectancy of the top level of shingles, so if you ever notice multiple layers, it’s time for some roofing to be done.

Water Marks

Water marks on your ceiling or soffit area of your overhang might mean that you have a shingle issue. It may be due to another problem, but a reputable roofing company will come in and let you know for sure. If it is from leaky shingles, you’ll likely be advised to have them replaced.

Having a great roof can make a difference to home’s exterior design. On shingle replacement, the experts from Penhold roofers should be consulted for the best professional roof repair service.

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