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Options for Dealing with a Damaged Roof

Options for Dealing with a Damaged Roof

What do you do with your damaged roof? Do you repair the broken section or replace the entire roof?

This can be quite a troubling question for Pine Lake, Alberta homeowners and property managers. However, several factors will determine the actions you take to fix the troubled part of your building. Whether it is for aesthetic or practical purposes, you need to keenly assess the damage and calculate the cost before settling on the ultimate option.


Here is what to consider when you are in need of fixing your damaged roof.


Replace the broken section


Repairs can be done partially depending on the damage and the kind of material used on your roof. For instance, large areas that have worn out or broken roofing can be an indicator that the entire roof needs a total makeover. You can, however, choose to replace the section that is damaged. The downside to this is that it will leave undesirable patches of new and old shingles alongside each other on the roof. Doing this does keep the cost down and extend the life of the entire roof. If you plan on staying at that property than it won’t matter as much. However, if you plan on selling soon, it will affect the value of the property having mismatched materials.


Full roof replacement


Several reasons will steer your decision to do a complete roof replacement. If, for instance, you’ve repaired sections of your roof several times, you might find it better to give it a full update to ensure that further damage is not done. Another reason you may decide to replace the whole roof is that there is damage to the structure vs just the shingle. Another thing that is considered is how old the roof is. If the shingles or sheeting has not been replaced ever, it may be time for a replacement to be sure that the property stays safe from any damage that can occur from an old roof.

When deciding on a roof replacement, consider elements such as budget, time, the ideal roofing materials, and season. This is where a professional roofer comes in to help you figure out precisely what is needed and give a quote of the necessary work.


We all love our houses, and the investment we put in them is worth all our attention. The roof of the house, like all other exterior fittings, serves as the crown of your taste. Generally, professionally installed roofs will take a long time before any signs of deterioration start. Therefore, when you settle on fixing any damage on your roof, give it a lot of consideration of what needs to be done and that you find a Pine Lake trusted roofing contractor to install it. This will help guarantee that your new roof or repairs will be done properly and will last a lot longer.

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