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When is The Best Time to Schedule Home Roof Inspections?

When is The Best Time to Schedule Home Roof Inspections?

You often visit your doctor for health checks. You keep your car in tiptop conditions even have it regularly checked by a mechanic on a bi-monthly basis – but what about inspecting your roof or chimney? How often do you even pay attention to it? Yet your roof protects you, your family, and home from extreme weather elements – like hailstorms, wind, snow, rain, even the harsh winters that Lacombe Alberta sees on a regular basis.

You cannot overstate the importance of roof inspections. It’s the only way to ensure your home is in top-notch condition, remains leak free and waterproof for the longest. Moreover, according to the National Roofing Contractors Association, you should carry out an independent inspection of your roof every 6 months. Be sure to have a Lacombe roofing expert carry out the inspection to be assured that it is done correctly.


So, how often should you schedule regular roof inspections?


Yearly and Bi-Yearly Inspections

There is more to your roof than shingles. Remember your roof comprises of different components, and regular inspections in all these components enhance the structure of your roof. Giving it good support even. Therefore, keep an eye out for any uneven areas and layers in your shingles.

Look through the sheathing materials of your roof made out of metal and board sheets. It might prove difficult to inspect every “complex” area – or nook and cranny – in your roof on your own. On the other hand, these overlooked areas are the most prone to early degradation. You want an expert set of eyes that can uncover warning signs that repair or replacement is necessary. To prevent wear of your roof over a given period, keep it in superb condition even, ensure to repair roof coverings.

But if the damage is beyond your repair, get a professional roof contractor to deal with the construction project. Besides inspecting your home roof twice a year yourself, you should still schedule a home roof inspection with a professional roofer once a year as they have the experience to catch things that you would not know to look for. A good time to check on your roof’s health is in the fall before winter and in the spring once the snow is gone and the weather is warmer. This ensures that the roof is not damaged before the cold weather comes which could cause the damage to spread more quickly. Then when it is spring it is good to check it again to make sure that there was no damage that happened during the winter.


Whenever Your Roof Is Damaged

A storm can impact heavy damage to your home. A home roof inspection is necessary at this point to ensure your home is leak free from any damage that may have occurred during the storm. There are options when dealing with a damaged roof.

However, storms can severely destroy your home and do more harm than create roof leaks, but create damages that necessitate a complete roof overhaul. Damage such as: damaged shingles and the drainage system and gutters. Again, uneven granules of the shingles may permeate water through to the ceiling and cause damage in the form of water stains.

These damages allow water to seep through any crawl spaces in your roof instigating rot, mildew, and mold. All these things can impact greatly on the value of your home.

When carrying out inspections, lookout for any water streaks in dark spots and areas of your roof that’s sagging. If you spot any of these occurring, hire a professional to fix the issues.


Your Home Will Thank You for a Regular Roof Inspection

If your roof is well maintained, its lifespan is enhanced. This amplifies your home’s value. Remember to carry out professional inspections once a year as well as independent home inspections after every 6 months. These inspections allow the interior and exterior of your home to remain damage-free over a long period of time.

Roof inspections can be carried out whenever it is necessary and when damages occur to your home’s roof. But this will overly depend on the roofing materials used on your home. Different roofing materials will decay or degrade at different rates. So it is best if an inspection is done at a minimum of once a year to be sure that your roof will not cost you more later down the road. It is also a good idea to choose apt roofing materials with a longer life-span for durability, aesthetics, and easy maintenance.

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